Working together to cure brain cancer

At Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney we have a proud tradition of excellence in patient care. It is considered a premier teaching hospital in Sydney and Australia.

The Neurosurgical service provided at RPA is second to none. Over the years it has been set up to provide world class cutting edge neurosurgical treatment. Our service is complimented by other specialty disciplines such as medical oncology, radiation oncology and neuropathology. This allows us to provide integrated quarternary level specialised care for brain cancer patients which in turn improves survival outcomes.

The Neuropathology department at RPA is the only specialised unit of its type in the country. The department is affiliated with the University of Sydney and incorporates a brain tumour banking facility that already holds several hundred specimens of brain tumours.

The combination of the two departments lends itself to the development of a high level research facility focussed on brain cancer.

Every year about 1200 people die from brain cancer. It is a disease that largely affects young and middle aged adults. It is the largest cancer killer of children. Much needs to be learned about what causes this cancer to develop and how to control and cure it.

The brain cancer research lab at RPA is located at the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI) and our focus is on unravelling the genetic anomalies found in brain cancer cells so that targeted therapies can be created to control the disease or even cure it.

An effective research lab requires adequate funding to firstly obtain laboratory tools and equipment and secondly to staff the lab with the appropriate scientific minds.

We invite you all to be partners in this process by either donating funds and or spreading the word about Brainstorm at RPA.

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